CLOUDNINE SKIS AND SNOWBOARDS is a little workshop , where dreams come true . 

Inspired by nature and handcrafted in Bulgaria , our products are built to perfection just for those special moments in the mountain .Those moments when the snow is so deep , that your heart beats harder with every turn , when your smile is so bright , that it shines brighter than the sun . The moments , when you feel you are out of space - zero gravity , nirvana and billions of snow stars .

Our team consists of friends , who are fascinated by the magic of the snowy mountain . We have dedicated our lives to winter sports . For us riding is more than just a hobby– it is a thrill, passion and lifestyle . Our long winter journeys as riders made us more demanding to what our equipment should be . Our experience and strive for the best led us to create our own brand of high quality handmade skis and snowboards. After some years of designing, testing, improving and lots of sleepless nights, we are happy to give you a brand that is CREATED FOR RIDERS BY RIDERS . 

In the DNA of our products we weave all the knowledge , passion , and skills we have developed over the years . We put all our spirit into these products, so that it can reach out to other people like us and like you.

Those of you, who are dedicated to the mountain, who love walking back home in the moonlight after a long day at the park and even those of you who are about to discover the winter magic for the first time.


We made it for you!

CLOUDNINE's mission is to unite skiers and snowboarders in around the concept of enjoying the mountain experience. Grab your bit of happiness with CLOUDNINE.

Welcome to the new dimension .

Our story

Vladimir Dimitrov



Graduated mechanical engineer, passionate about winter sports.

In 2009 after graduating from the university, driven by the love of snowboarding and the winter mountain, Vladi started working as snowboard instructor. 

His strive for perfection brings out that sense of precision to detail into the skis and snowboards that we build  in the Cloudnine workshop.

Miroslav Georgiev


A professional industrial designer since 2009, experienced in transportation and product design.

Winter sports enthusiast. Miro is in love with the mountain the whole year long. Through the years he went from skiing to snowboarding and back to skiing. 

The ambition to combine his passion and skills led him to the idea of handcrafted skis and boards and, of course, Cloudnine.       

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