Kitsune is a mythical Japanese fox possessing magical powers . Are you ready, to be possessed by the Kitsune ski?

The right choice for cruising all around the mountain - this will be your new backcountry weapon.

Kitsune accept the magical form AS and RT2C profile from Cloudnine’s inventory. The low camber, guarantees the stability in groomed terrain and all kind of snow conditions. The geometry of the sidecut is designed to allow for manoeuvrability and confidence on the slope or on the untouched fresh snow around it. Kitsune will make you feel the pleasure of skiing in a completely new way.

Price: 470 EUR 



Attack Shape - this shape gives  direction of the skis and snowboards. The nose is longer on directional skis and boards and the tail is stiffer so you can load up on hard turns. This is for cruising and carving, directional skis and boards are better at high speed.

Rockered Tip-Tail to Camber Mid-  

Traditional camber with early tip and tail rise. The camber provides great control on hard pack and groomers. While the rockered tip and tail gives you maneuverability and easy floatation in the fresh snow. It is the ideal combination when you want stability in high speed and playfulness in the powder.

P-tex Sintered Base 

hard, high speed base. The P-TEX 5920 is one of the fastest  bases on the market, so you can fly like a rocket even on the sticky spring snow. 

White Gloss topsheet 

so the graphic keeps its great look and sharp colours. Our topsheet is made of high resistant material which will treasure up the soul of your skis or snowboard.

Aspen / Ash woodcore

the core is made of specially selected aspen and ash trees . It makes our skis and snowboards lightweight and flexible on one hand. On the other hand the core is solid and strong enough to stand big drops and all obstacles in the park.

Multiaxe Fiberglass 

fiberglass threads orientated in different directions and certain angle. This reduces the torsional twist and reinforces the construction of the skis and snowboards. 

Carbon POP Stringers 

special carbon stringers, placed on certain spots in the process of lamination. This technology gives more flexibility and strength to our skis and snowboards




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