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Our team is tight, passionate about winter sports and motivated to move forward everyday.

We are proud to be part of your journey!

Tosho Yanev

Valyo Peltekov

Nikolaj Najdenov


Veso Gavrilov

   Former competitor in the National Alpine ski team of Bulgaria.
In 2006 Veso, interrupts his competitive career to pursue freeride skiing. The road takes him to Vail, Colorado, where he became part of the Surefoot team.
   Veso spent his winters in Verbier Switzerland, fitting boots for some of the pro riders and skiing the amazing terrain in the area.

If you happen to go to Verbier and want to test our skis or boards, or simply explore the resort as a local, you can find Veso in the Surefoot store, or contact him at:

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Lyubo Yanev

   Born in Samokov, near the oldest winter resort in Bulgaria, Bubo ( as most of his friends call him ) is the type of guy who we are glad to have as a supporter. He is mountain lover who is dedicated to snowboarding and pulling out tricks in the park. He gave up his IT career in Denmark to pursue his hobby – shooting extreme videos. Every winter he leaves the fast-paced urban life for a month and goes to his brother Tosho in Kaprun. There they crash the snow park and shoot great videos full of the nice edits of Tosho and himself. . 

   Bubo rides custom-made snowboard from Cloudnine with personalised topsheet, so he can be comfortable on the snow and on the rails and boxes in the park. 

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Iliyan Shishkov

   Ilian started snowboarding in 1994. At that time, the equipment in Bulgaria is difficult to find, and the ride in Vitosha is only in weekends. From the first season, he falls in love with the freedom offered by the winter mountain. Over time, snowboarding has become his lifestyle. Throughout the years he cruised around , most of the Bulgarian mountains - Vitosha, Rila, Pirin, Rodopi - have lived for several years in Tyrol, Austria . Participated in a number of local and international competitions.


   Ilian experiences his dream, which continues with CLOUDNINE Samurai. Snowboard, in which he takes part in the designing . The beginning of a good friendship.

Konstantin Rusev

    Kotseto, as he is known among his closest friends, embraces the idea of Cloudnine from the very beginning and to this day is one of our most enthusiastic supporters of the brand.
    Kotseto is thrilled by the hip-hop and skate culture.
In winter, you can spot him in Bansko where, he manages Contrabanda shop. In his free time he shreds the white slopes of Todorka peak or chills down with a drink and good company.
    Kotseto rides on custom-made snowboard Hiero, which fully describes his personality and style.

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Cloudnine appreciates all the good vibes YOU bring to the idea of pushing the company forward!

Nikola Cholakov

  A big fan of snowboarding and Hip-Hop culture, Kolyacho has something to show on both the board and the microphone. Representing the Samokov riders and graduate of the National Sports Academy as a snowboard coach. A universal rider with unique style, he is one of the people that riding is always fun with.

  He spends the winter season in Borovets, where he rides and works as a snowboard instructor.

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   Growing up on the seashore, Yuli drops in the wave of the in-line skating scene in Bulgaria. Active racer and event organizer .  A passionate fan of hip-hop music from the 90's.

Co-founder of CLOUDNINE, and a professional snowboard instructor with 7 years of experience.
Yuli, continues his winter journey in Austria, discovering new terrains and horizons.


If you are in the area and want to test our skis or board or simply meet a lively freestyle rider, you can contact Yuli at the following links

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Yuliyan Arsov

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