snowboard inside

ski inside

Base - P-tex 5920 is a sintered ultra high molecular weight  polyethylene, modified with special additives to make it thermal conductive. It`s hard, it`s durable ,It`s way faster.


Edges - Our edges come straight from Innsbruck-Austria. Made from carbon steel and heat treated Rockwell 48 which is the industry standard. Our edges also have a special section, so the base sticks perfectly to the edge . 

VDS- natural vulcanized rubber foil ("VDS" or vibration damping strip ) can be an important component in ski and snowboard construction. Most commonly used for enhanced bonding between the steel edges and bottom fiberglass layer, but it can also be used strategically throughout the board or ski to dampen some frequencies resulting in smoother, chatter free performance on hard snow. 

Glassfiber-  Fiberglass mixed with epoxy is used to bond all the materials together in sandwich construction. It also increases the stiffness and the torsional rigidity .
In our products we use different types of biaxial and triaxial fiberglass, so we can receive the variety of flex patterns suitable for the different types of riding. 

Sidewalls- we use ABS for making the sidewalls. 
ABS material is stiffer than most of the materials in the market. It brings more torsional rigidity, pop and durability for impact. 

Topsheet- Our skis and snowboards are produced with white gloss topsheet ICP 4140 from ISOSPORT Austria. It is special treated so it bonds perfectly to the sandwich , has nice smooth surface on which we sublimate the graphic, so we can get colorful and shiny prints .

For the custom orders we could offer ICP 8210 gloss and ICP 8210 structured matt. It is transparent, durable and protects your graphic better . 


 In order to get the best mechanical properties we use a blend of Aspen and Ash wood . The Aspen is famous with its light weight , soft flex and strength . The Ash wood is one of the most used hardwoods in the ski industry. Because of its structure and fibres it has elasticity and strength like no other wood. The ash wood adds stiffness and more pop . 
All of the stringers run from tip to tail. Order of the stringers in our woodcores gives stability, good edge to edge grip and even flex.

carbon stringers pattern

 Carbon stringers are placed in certain areas for improving the mechanical properties . It increases the strenght and helps getting a lighter construction .




Binding reinforcement- a special layer of fiber is put above the core of your skis, so that the bindings are secured no matter the speed you are charging the slopes with.



Inserts- INOX inserts with specific shape for better bonding with the wood core . 

aspen wood

ash wood

abs sidewalls

p-tex tip/tail filler

aspen wood

p-tex tip/tail filler

abs sidewalls

ash wood

carbon stringers

carbon stringers

carbon stringers

carbon stringers

carbon stringers

Carbon pattern in skis: 

Kitsune - here we have thinned the tip and tail of the woodcore for better swing weight. And for this reason we stiffen these zones with carbon stringers to increase the rigidity. You also get stability and less vibrations. 

Oreamnos - in this model we add "V" carbon stringers from tip and tail toward the binding, so we reduce the unwanted vibrations. Adding more stability in the whole length and keeping the edge engaged for better control over the skis.

Carbon pattern in boards:

Tanto - for our jib/freestyle model we add "X" carbon stringers under and over of the woodcore . The arrangement of the stringers combined with the camber sections of the profile gives you more aggressive style of riding. Better edge hold in the carve. The free zone around the nose and tail gives you loose feel for the jibbing.

Katana - in this model we use modified version of the "X" pattern. Below and above the woodcore. It starts from the end of the inserts to the nose and tail. This pattern provides more even flex in these zones, so you have mellow ride all around the mountain.

Shogun - eight stringers from tip to tail, symmetrically positioned to the middle of the board, so you get uniform flex along the length of the board, resulting in less vibrations and more responsive feeling when you shred the powder. 

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