USSURI is our brown bear . Fat and hungry , the beast is ready for the deepest powder days . The days when everything is surrounded by snow miracles .

When everyone is preparing the equipment and trembles for that moment , when the road will take us to the forests and peaks full of snow .

Where reality edns and the fairy tale begins .

USSURI is a FR ski with AS , crafted with exactly the same sidecut radius as the profile radius . Thanks to CLOUDNINE`s Uniform technology you receive very versatile , maneuverable and stable ski . USSURI is designed for surfing really deep powder .

Snow waves ,face shots and smiles shared with friends - pure winter magic . 

Price: 525 EUR 



Uniform tech - a technology  that we developed very carefully. UT stands for the equality, which means  that the radius of the profile arc matches the radius of the sidecut. This technology increase ease of turn initiation with less chance of "catching" an edge and  gives more control and smoother ride while performing long speed turns.

Full Rocker - or just rokcer ( or reverse camber ) is a profile with a smooth, gradual arc from tip to the tail. That gives superior floatation and maneuverability in soft snow. 

P-tex Sintered Base 

hard, high speed base. The P-TEX 5920 is one of the fastest  bases on the market, so you can fly like a rocket even on the sticky spring snow. 

White Gloss topsheet 

so the graphic keeps its great look  and sharp colours. Our topsheet is made of high resistant material which will treasure up the soul of your skis or snowboard.

Aspen / Ash woodcore

the core is made of specially selected aspen and ash trees . It makes our skis and snowboards lightweight and flexible on one hand. On the other hand the core is solid and strong enough to stand big drops and all obstacles in the park.

Multiaxe Fiberglass 

fiberglass threads orientated in different directions and certain angle. This reduces the torsional twist and reinforces the construction of the skis and snowboards. 

Carbon POP Stringers 

special carbon stringers, placed on certain spots in the process of lamination. This technology gives more flexibility and strength to our skis and snowboards


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